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Our Center

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish The Breast Center of Cyprus as a reference point not just for Cyprus but for Europe as well by placing the Center into the European map alongside other well-accredited breast centers.

Who We Are

The Breast Center is the sum of services required for the diagnosis and the effective treatment of breast diseases that primarily affect women but men as well. These services should be provided by specialised units made up of specialist doctors such as breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists, histopathologists, oncologists, genetic counsellors and geneticists as well as other health professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists etc.

The Goal of Creating The Breast Center of Cyprus

In decoding the goal behind the creation of the breast center “The Breast Center of Cyprus” our effort is mainly focused on the following targets:

  1. The coordination of services concerning diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases with an emphasis in breast cancer.
    • Utilisation of existing structures that offer a high level of services in the treatment of breast cancer.
    • All services under the same sector with a coordinator the scientific board and the scientific manager of the center
  2. Quality Control which is ensured by joining the European Breast Center Network as a full member, and the accreditation as a standard Breast Center by a qualified international/European body, in accordance to EUSOMA (European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists) requirements.
  3. No woman should be forced to resort in centers overseas for a diagnosis or therapy by improving services that up until today lacked certain facilities.
  4. Versatile and individualised treatment of complex breast problems through therapeutic decisions taken by a group of specialist doctors (interdisciplinary council) who are focused on the patient and not on the disease.
  5. Improvement of the existing procedures and practices by adopting and applying the guidelines of international and European establishments such as EUSOMA (European Society of Breast Center Specialists).
  6. Facilitating women by integrating important services that mainly deal with the prevention and diagnosis under the same roof.
  7. Interacting and cooperating with other centers overseas and exchanging experiences through the participation of the European Breast Center Network.
  8. Cooperating with Universities in Cyprus and overseas and participating in international research programmes.
  9. Training medical students and other health professionals such as nurses, radiologists, psychologists.
  10. Informing the public on matters of prevention and early diagnosis.

Constant training of our medical staff in Cyprus as well as overseas, but also regular upgrades of our medical and diagnostic equipment, thus ensuring that the healthcare provided does not lack the care provided by the respective well established international centers.

The Breast Center of Cyprus organises seminars and forums that are directed to doctors and other health professionals in order to update their knowledge and experiences as well as to the wider public to inform them on matters of breast health. At the same time, one of The Center’s immediate goals is to develop collaborations with respective Centers overseas.

The Breast Center is the only private Breast Center that offers a One Stop Clinic service. That is, a clinical examination, mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy (where necessary), all in the same appointment.

Who We Are

Scientific Consultant

Dr. Alberto Costa

Dr Alberto Costa is the CEO of the European School of oncology, Scientific Consultant of the Breast Unit in Switzerland and the Clinical Director of the Breast Cancer Center Multimedica. Dr Alberto Costa is the General Director of the European School of Oncology with vast experience in the creation and organisation of breast centers in Europe where he visits Cyprus for communication and coordination of the whole effort.

Scientific Director

Dr. Michalis Theophanous

Dr. Michalis Theophanous studied Medicine at the University of Athens and then he gained his degree in General Surgery at the Athens State General Hospital. He then went on to gain the Doctorate of Medicine Title at the University of Athens. He went through all the stages of Public Service sector reaching the position of Director of Clinical surgery. He has been practicing his Specialty as a private surgeon at the Aretaio Clinic since 2006.

General Surgeons

Dr. Michalis Kailides

Dr Michael Kailides is a general surgeon and practices his specialty as an external associate at Aretaio Clinic in Nicosia. He provides a complete surgical response to all diseases of general surgery, showing a special interest and a long-time experience in breast diseases. Dr Michael Kailides is the president of the Cyprus Surgical Society, and a member of the Hellenic Breast Surgery Society.

Dr. Evros Kitiris

Dr Evros Kitiris is a General Surgeon at the Private Aretaio Clinic in Nicosia. He provides a complete surgical response to all the diseases under general surgery and mostly breast and thyroid diseases. Dr Kitiris studied at the University of Athens where he graduated in 1997. He was trained in general surgery gaining the General surgery specialty in 2005. He was later trained in breast surgery in the United Kingdom. He applied with success innovative methods of breast surgery in Cyprus like ultrasound guided, minimally invasive breast surgery, lymph node biopsy for stabilising of lymph nodes and oncological techniques for breast restoration after cancer surgeries.


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We would like to inform you that due to the recent developments regarding the Coronavirus, The Breast Center Of Cyprus will remain closed as of Monday 30th March 2020 until further notice.
In the event of an emergency, please contact our call center at 22054545.